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About the Author

- Lawrence Dupkin -

Lawrence is the author of the Jebediah T. Hornswaggle children’s book series. He lives on Long Island (that’s in New York), in the town of Copiague.

As far back as he could remember, Lawrence always wanted to be the best father on the planet. He dedicated as much time as he could to the wonderful creations that were his three sons and one daughter.

When his four children were much younger, their bedtime ritual was more like a marathon, as most parents can relate to. He needed a way to get his children to bed more efficiently and with as little crying as possible. As the old saying goes— “necessity is the mother of invention.” And so, the bedtime story about a little boy named Jebediah T. Hornswaggle was born. Lawrence’s four children sat and listened in wonder, with great big smiles and laughter as Dad told story after story of the boy they now call Jeb.

As each year passed Lawrence continued to work in his chosen field of commercial printing as his children would say, “Dad, you have to make Jeb into a book!” Finally retired, with time on his hands and a partnership with Blue Balloon Books Jeb on the Farm was brought to life.

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