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Way back when my four children were young and learning how to add and subtract, we quickly realized we needed a little creative help.

They all came home with a basic number line handed out in school, but it just wasn’t doing the job. In an effort to have the kids understand simple math, I figured I’d put them ON the number line. This activity works for basic addition and subtraction where the answers fall between single digit numbers 0-10 (you can always expand your number line as your children get the hang of it).

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Here's how to play

  • Print or draw the numbers 0 through 10 on individual pieces of paper. Regular sized paper will do, but the sheets should be large enough for the child to stand on.

  • Place the numbers (in order) on the floor in a line.

  • Have the child begin the game standing on the 0.

  • Introduce a math problem. For example, 1+2=?

  • To begin, the child takes 1 step, landing on the 1 on the number line.

  • Next, instruct the child to add (plus) 2, by moving forward 2 steps.

  • The child then looks down to see they have landed on the number 3!

  • Now, repeat the math problem to the child: 1+2=?

  • The child will confidently announce 3!

  • Continue the game by introducing another math problem. You can pick up where you left off (ex: 3-1=?), or have the start fresh on 0 each round.

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Click here to download your child’s very own Interactive Number Line for only $2.99. Each of the eleven pages has been created with a number and designs ready for coloring and counting.

Thanks, and have fun learning!

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